Camera Accessories Needed For Travel


Travel photography is one of those great things in life; you get to go to some of the world’s most beautiful places, where the landscape is raw and untouched, and the sun reddens at dusk and dawn.

Free from urban sprawls, you’ve got the opportunity to shoot those once-in-a-lifetime photographs that you always dreamed about, be it a family of villagers living in a sunken shack along the Mekong river in China, or a snow-capped mount Matterhorn around midday. To make sure your trip is as good as it can be, there are a few camera accessories you should consider taking along. Forgetting the little things can be a detriment to your journey and the quality of work your produce. So here’s a rundown – which should serve as a nice reminder – of some accessories you should consider taking with you.

International Plug Adaptor

World_Travel_Adapters_Travel_AdapterThere are a lot of different plug sockets around the world. Just like any of us wouldn’twant to be caught short with the wrong phone charger when we land in Moscow, you as a travel photographer should also take the necessary precautions so that you can charge your camera batteries wherever you are. Investing in an international plug adaptor is inexpensive and will save you from swearing “why the f*** are there so many plug sockets in this world?!” (Yes, we’ve been there).


Monopod-XD4-3You’re probably by now really used to your trusty tripod, and we don’t blame you. But tripods are nothing if not really heavy and generally big. Lugging them halfway around the world can be a real drain if you want to be free on the open road to take photographs whenever the mood takes you. They can hold you back. So, we suggest investing in a monopod which gives you a steady hand but which weighs much less in your luggage. Even better, a monopod is less hassle to set up, so if you’ve got a shot that simply can’t wait – such as a cheetah about to pounce on its prey in the wild – they come highly recommended.

Memory Cards

memory-cardWe all need memory cards, and if you’re out on your travels, you’ll have more reason than most for requiring backup. Perhaps you’ve settled for the day in the Australian outback, taking the best photography of your life, until you realise that, horror of horrors, you’re running out of space. You look around you to gauge where the nearest electronics store could be. Perhaps it’s just behind that isolated, rundown old shack where a beefy, bearded guy with the shot gun is standing outside? Of course it isn’t. The only thing behind that dusty old shack is a load of wild dingos. So, to make sure that you’re never caught short, invest in a few memory cards before heading out. They’re cheap, so there’s no excuse.

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Polarising Filter

Circular-PolarizerA polarising filter removes glare in your photo’s. If you’re photographing in a sun-baked landscape at midday, the last thing you’ll want is for the land to be ruined by too much glare. Similarly, water scenes can be destroyed in a similar way. The blue sky can also be distorted with a polarising filter; the blues will not be as sharp, or as deep, whilst the clouds will look pale and uninspiring. A polarising filter, essentially, improves outdoor photographer – and consequently travel photography. More than this, it also offers protection to your lens.


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Fitness Technology Today

Whether you want to improve your fitness or you’re just curious to see how far you walk per day, there are ranges of fitness technology or activity trackers that can help.

Long gone are the days of simple, rickety pedometers, these wristbands (many with accompanying apps) can track far more than just your steps. Here is a list comparing, what many would consider, some of the top activity tracking devices that you could buy today.

1) Fitbit Flex $100

fitbit-flexThe Fitbit Flex is a smart looking band that measures calories burnt, steps taken and even the length and quality of your sleep. Tracking your sleep can be useful, especially if you wake up feeling more tired than you were the night before, as there may be a pattern for when you awaken which you can then look into. For $100 you get a choice of colours and it can sync with a number of different platforms and apps including MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness. The battery is relatively long at 5 days and the band is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about getting it slightly wet in the rain or when washing your hands.

2) Nike Fuel Band SE $149

nike-plus-fuelband-se-04This tracker is available in 4 different colours, for $149 though, it could be said that it doesn’t record your money’s worth – only calories burnt, steps taken and distance walked. There is, however, an option to integrate your details on social media sites, this would perhaps appeal to those with a competitive edge as you try and beat some of your friends and how many calories they’ve burnt that day. Paying $50 more than the Fitbit you’d expect the battery to last longer, unfortunately the battery life is only 4 days long! Also, taking 4 hours to charge means there’s no chance of quickly charging it in the morning before work if you forgot the night before. Compatible platforms for the band are iOS, OS X and Windows.

3) SYNC Burn $100

syncFor $100 this little gadget does a lot! There is no colour choice and it only tracks calories burnt, steps taken and distance walked but it also includes a stopwatch, a GPS and a barcode scanner. There is only one app that the watch can be synced with (MyFitnessPal) but the huge battery life of 365 days makes up for that. The tracker is water resistant and can sync via Bluetooth.

4) Jawbone Up24 $150

up24-spring-colors-hires-007-820x420Available in two colours, this activity tracker notes your calorie intake as well as how many you’re burning; the steps and distance you’ve walked; the length and quality of your sleep and also, apparently, your mood. Similar to the SYNC Burn there’s a barcode scanner and a stopwatch, you also have the additional ability of setting yourself goals; perhaps you may want to set yourself another 500 steps for today! The battery lasts a solid 7 days with a fair 80-minute long charge time.

5) Misfit Wearables Shine $120

misfit_shineThis silver, sleek gadget is different to others as it can be worn as a bracelet or it can be clipped onto the inside of a pocket or onto your shirt. Although the product is only compatible with iOS, the battery length is a good 120 days and you buy accessories for it, from a leather strap for your wrist to a silver necklace that holds the gadget in a stylish flowery design.  This device unlike many others can also be worn whilst swimming, as it’s not just water resistant but fully waterproof.

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